Writing Tips

Don’t Give Up

Writing is difficult. You come up with an idea, build an entire world around it, develop characters that are relatable to real people, and then what? Whether you're too afraid to publish it, you did publish it and didn't get a lot of sales, or you were denied by a publishing agency, it's easy to … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

Screenplay Writing – Screenwriting Basics

Screenplay writing, or screenwriting, is a bit different than writing a short story or novel. However, there are some similarities too. Before you start writing dialogue and formatting your screenplay, you have to brainstorm, outline and research just like you would do for a book. Get the basics down before you start. You need to … Continue reading Screenplay Writing – Screenwriting Basics

Show or Tell? – Using Descriptions in your Writing

Do you show or tell more in your writing? You could just tell your reader that someone is crying, or you could compel a more emotional response from them if you show them how someone is crying. The Difference Between Show and Tell There is a difference between, "Martha is crying." and "Tears streamed down … Continue reading Show or Tell? – Using Descriptions in your Writing