Writing Tips

List of Words for “Said”

When you're writing dialogue, it can be easy to overuse the word "said". Go through your draft and count how many times you've said the word said. I'll wait... It was a lot, right? So, here is a list of other words you could use in your dialogue other than the word "said". repliedaskedexplainedboastedacknowledgedpleadeddemandedshoutedaddedcautioneddoubtedsnappedassuredwhinedannounceddisclosedwhisperedmockedreassuredsharedexpressedscreechedbeggedscrutinizedproposedexclaimedconfidedyelledinterjecteddivulgedyammeredrevealeddeclaredmentionedshrieked grumbledclaimedstammeredansweredsnarledbraggedguessedinsistedapologizedretortedimpliedrantedcomplimentednotedscoffedcriedobservedscreamedmumbledgloatedquippedhintedsnickeredwailedscoldedstatedteasedchimed … Continue reading List of Words for “Said”

5 Elements of a Good Poem

There are many writing elements that you can include in your poetry, such as imagery, symbolism, rhythm, structure, diction, voice, meter, similes, metaphors, hyperboles, allegory, etc. In my poetry, the five most important writing elements that I include are imagery, symbolism, rhythm, structure, and meter. Imagery You want your readers to imagine exactly what is … Continue reading 5 Elements of a Good Poem