Freelance Services

Below is a list of freelance writing services offered. A contract must be signed before any work takes place and monies are exchanged. I am only responsible for writing the content. I am not responsible for any repercussions associated with the content written. Prices are fixed and cover the writing labor only.

An estimated time of completion will be included in the contract. I will personally work with you and make sure you are satisfied with my writing. If any changes need to be made, they will be given top priority.

Resume – $20
Blog Post – $35 per 700 words
Web Page Content – $25 per 300 words
Proofreading – 25 Cents Per Word
Editing – 25 Cents Per Word
Email – $15
Letter – $15
Article – $25
Essay – $30
Technical Instructions – $30
Social Media Copy – $10 Per Post
Google Ad Copy – $10 Per Ad
Nonfiction Book Outline – $50