The Biggest Myths About Christians

Stigmas are everywhere and they can give any people group a bad reputation. If someone has had an unpleasant encounter with a Christian, they can believe all Christians act that way. It can happen to anyone about anyone. I’ve personally been stigmatized as a Christian. So, here are three of the biggest myths about Christians debunked.


We’re Perfect

Even the Bible tells us that no one is good. We are all humans and humans sin because we’re all sinners. Christians are included in that. We aren’t perfect, no one is. Christians depend on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to be redeemed in God’s eyes. There’s nothing that we can do to earn that. We try our best to do good as Christians but life happens and we mess up just like everyone does.

We’re Hypocritical and Intolerant

We are commanded by Jesus to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39) . Our neighbors are everyone we are next to. We are not perfect so we can’t expect anyone else to be perfect, but we love ourselves (because the Holy Spirit lives in us) so we love others. We don’t have to agree with everything you do or believe to love you. Take your family for example, do you always agree with your family members and believe the same things they do about every topic? No, of course not. But you love them anyway. So do we.

Our Lives Are Great

Go to anyone who calls themselves a Christian and ask them how life is going for them. They’re not going to tell you that their lives are great. Nobody’s life is great. Everyone has troubles, worries, and fears. Christians included. We have unanswered prayers and questions. In fact, the Bible tells us that WE WILL have trials and tribulations. It’s a guarantee. The goal is not to have a perfect life where nothing ever goes wrong. Our goal is to learn from our trials and persevere. Just like everyone else.