5 Questions for Christian Writers

Writing, in general, is difficult and Christian writing even more so. Why? Because we have more to consider than just our writing style and what our character thinks of the world. We need to have a grounded relationship with God that drives us to share the Gospel through our writing. So, before we get to writing our Christian books, we should ask ourselves these 5 questions for Christian writers to make sure we are writing in order to obey our command to share the Word of God with the world.

questions for Christian writers
  1. Why do you want to write?
    If you have a love for writing, the answer to this question may seem simple. However, one can share the Gospel in many ways, so why do you want to do it through writing?
  2. Are you writing for God’s glory?
    If you want to be a best-selling author for fame, then you’re writing for your own glory instead of God’s. Instead of wanting everyone to know your name, you should want everyone to hear the Gospel. 
  3. Is God calling you to write?
    Are you writing a Christian book because it’s something you decided to do or is it something you know God wants you to do? Be honest with yourself about whether it was your idea or God’s calling.
  4. Who is your target audience?
    The content of your book will change dramatically if you are writing to Christian or to unbelievers, so make sure you know who your readers are before you start writing.
  5. How do you do research for your books?
    Do you use the Bible for all of your sources or are you using outside sources to support your writing? If you are using outside sources, make sure they are based on the Bible and not a biased opinion of the speaker.