Write When Inspiration Hits

Write when inspiration hits. It is very important to write every day, even when you’re not inspired, in order to build healthy writing habits. However, when that burst of inspiration hits at 1 o’clock in the morning, what do you do? You write.

Write When Inspiration Hits

Let’s say you set your schedule to write at 7AM every day. Well 6:45AM rolls around and you have no desire to write. Do you skip your writing session for the day? Do you reschedule it for later in the day? No. You inspire yourself and then you write.

I wrote a previous post about how to inspire yourself before a writing session called Creative Juice for Breakfast. It’s important to know what inspires you and make sure you always have it handy. Inspiration comes from a combination of passion and the positive chemicals in your brain. So, if you don’t have inspiration at 6:45AM you should remind yourself of your passion and then do something to increase the dopamine levels in your brain before you write.

Now, let’s still say that your scheduled to write at 7AM but you wake up at 3AM with a burst of inspiration to write. Do you go back to sleep and wait until 7AM? No. You get and write! If you are serious about writing and want it to be your career, you have to make certain sacrifices. You can always fix your sleep schedule but you may never be able to get back what you would have written at 3AM when your brain was flooded with inspiration.

Let me clear something up though: sleep is very important. A burst of inspiration could come at 5PM instead and I would still give the same advice. Don’t ignore your responsibilities and make sure you’re healthy. But when inspiration hits, it’s important to not let it go without acting on it. Even if you use the inspiration to brainstorm or jot down bullet points of what’s going through your mind, make sure to use the inspiration when it comes (because it doesn’t come that often).

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