Start In The Middle

Imagine that you have an idea for a great book. You outline it so you know exactly what’s going to happen and you’re eager to write it. How do you begin writing it? How does it start? Or do you start in the middle or end?

Start in the middle

That’s always the hardest part.

You may know the events that happen to get the character from point C to point Z, but what about the beginning? How is your character introduced? Where is your character on the first page of the book? Even if you’re writing nonfiction, how do you introduce the main problem that you’re trying to solve?

What do you do when you end up with more questions than answers in the beginning of your book?

You start in the middle.

Start in the Middle with Action

Actions scenes are fun to write! Start the writing process with the most exciting part of the story. If you are writing an exciting scene then you will be excited to get started writing your book. Make sure it’s a good scene though, if you begin with a mediocre scene then your attitude toward the whole book may be mediocre. There’s a difference between the hero deciding to fight and the hero triumphing over evil. Choose to start in action and keep the momentum going!

Start in the Middle with the Problem

Another option is to start with the initial problem. What makes the story change from the introduction to the good stuff? In the Three Act Structure, this would be Plot Point One that carries the reader from act one to act two. You already know the problem that needs to be fixed, so start there and keep going.

Start Writing

Whether you start with plot point one, rising action, midpoint, or even with the ending, start writing. That is the most important part. The book will never get written if you don’t start writing somewhere. Personally, the beginning of the book is the last thing I write. Ironic isn’t it? But you can include a lot more foreshadowing in the beginning if you already know exactly how the story unfolds and ends.

If you’re great at writing the beginning of stories first, then drop a comment and tell us how you do it! As writers, we can always learn from each other. This is not a competitive job. The world is becomes better with every book published. But you can’t publish a book that’s not written! Go write!

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