Optimize Your Time

“I don’t have time to write.” Does that phrase sound familiar?


How many books have you read on changing your habits or optimizing your time? I’ve read a lot and I can tell you that prioritizing your writing is the key to actually writing.

If writing is important to you then it needs to be a priority on your schedule (right up there with making dinner, work, and picking up the kids). That’s step one.

The next step is scheduling a good amount of time, at the same time, every day to write. Let’s say you’re going to write from 7am-8am every morning (don’t worry sleepyheads it’s just an example). How would you make this happen?

Here’s a few options:

  • Set an alarm and make sure you’ve set everything up the day before so you can jump right into writing.
  • Make a to do list and make sure to stick to it
  • Download a scheduling app like Sructured
  • Have an accountability partner to remind you to write every day

Personally, I love the Structured app because I can schedule everything in my day and estimate how long each task will take. If there is a gap in my schedule the app says something like, “you have 30 minutes free, what can you do here?”. And it’s easy to edit throughout the day too.

Whatever option you choose to optimize your time, make sure you’re optimizing your priorities (and writing IS a priority).

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