Write What You Know

Have you ever tried to write about something you had no interest in? It didn’t go over well, did it?


When you’re writing about a topic you don’t know a lot about, it’s hard to put your heart into it. Good writing reaches people when you can see the author’s passion coming through the pages.

It’s hard to write about something you’re not passionate about and writing is difficult enough as it is, so write about what you know.

Don’t know a lot about a topic but you’re really passionate about it? Learn about it! Writing about what you know doesn’t mean you’re stuck where you are!

Start with internet research and check out scholarly articles too. Read books about your topic (ironic I know) and don’t forget about virtual classes like Udemy and Alison.

Make sure you know a lot and then write what you know. Be passionate and write like you know what you’re talking about.

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