The Perfect Book

Do you want to write the perfect book?


There is no such thing as the perfect book because people aren’t perfect. You can create an incredible plot, real characters, dynamic dialogue, and beautiful descriptions but there is always going to be one person who doesn’t agree with it. There will always be someone who doesn’t appreciate it or can’t relate to it. You can’t please everyone.

You only need to please your target audience and yourself. Can your target audience relate to your book? Do they agree with the ending? Are you happy with your book? That’s what matters.

Perfection does not exist. Progress is the only attainable goal, and there is no deadline to it. When your book has satisfied all of yours and your target audience’s’ needs, then it is finished. Is it perfect? No, nothing will ever be. But you came to the end of the story while making progress all the way through and that’s the goal.

Progress is a never ending process, but eventually your book does have to end. It’s up to you when you think it’s “perfect” enough to be published. Don’t let anyone else tell you different (after it’s been edited and revised of course).

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