Unplugged & Uninterrupted

When you are writing, it’s best to not be distracted. Things that we do everyday may not seem like distractions because we’re in the habit of using them subconsciously. Having your smartphone in your hand, having the TV, having the kids play video games in the room, etc. are just a few examples.

Analyze your writing atmosphere. Are there sounds in the background? Can you see phone notifications when they come through your phone? Do you have notifications coming through your laptop (or whatever medium you’re using to write)? Can people easily interrupt you if they need or want something? Is there a cat that you may come over and lay on your laptop (or whatever medium you’re using to write)?

We need to unplug entirely when we write so that we aren’t interrupted and our creative juices can flow freely. It can be scary to think that we are subconsciously addicted to these things for a fear of missing something, but that’s the realization you may come to when you start analyzing your atmosphere.

The best way to write is to have a closed off, quiet space where you can be alone. In this space, there are no phones or other notifications allowed. The temperature should be comfortable and the lighting should be just right, but you’ll want a chair that makes you sit straight up. Soundproofing the room might be a bit much, but you should make sure that you have a quiet environment so there aren’t any distractions.

Now, not everyone has access to this type of set up. If you can’t be alone in a quiet space to write, that’s okay. But you can still make sure you’re not inundated with notifications. If you can be completely uninterrupted, then at least be unplugged.

If you can be both, unplugged and uninterrupted, that’s great! I imagine you’ll get a lot of writing done. If you can only be unplugged, then make sure you have a quiet place in your mind that you can go in order to write as much as possible.

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