Freelance Work for Writers

An effective way to build your name as a writer until your books come out is to do freelance work. From these jobs, you can build a writing portfolio to go along with your CV.

You can find people who need things written in many places. You can also write your own pieces and submit them to magazines and newspapers.

Let’s start with the freelance job boards. These types of tasks should always come with a freelance contract between you and the person who’s paying you to write. While negotiating price and the goal of the task, make sure will be allowed to disclose that you wrote it in your portfolio. While building your name as a writer, avoid anything titled “ghost writer”. You aren’t a ghost, you’re a writer who wants to be an author. So, where do you find these types of jobs? Here are my top places to find freelance writing jobs:

  • Google Job Postings

Now let’s talk about op-ed pieces that you can write about topics that interest you. They can be about events, if you want to get started with journalism, or they can be about various different topics for magazines. Usually, whichever outlet you choose, you can find out how to submit your written work from their website. However, I have included the links to some of them below to get you started.

Whichever way you choose to start your freelance writing career, make it count. Put your 100% into anything you write. Write as if it will be read. Publishers nowadays take your fan base/following into consideration when choosing whether or not to publish a book. Building your fan base while you’re working on your book can boost your chances of getting published.

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