Be Prepared

Writer’s are really good at two things: writing and procrastinating. We procrastinate and we make excuses when we are confronted with a blank page. An excellent way to avoid procrastination is to complete a checklist of what you need to be prepared to write. This way you’ll be doing something active and eliminating any excuses you may come up with later.

  1. Have all your research done
  2. Know what you’re going to write
  3. Collect all the materials you’ll need
  4. Have a snack beforehand
  5. Get a drink with a top on it (bottle of water, etc)
  6. Make sure you’re comfortable (temperature, clothes, etc)
  7. Get rid of distractions
  8. Clear your mind
  9. Build your focus
  10. Start writing

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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