Let Your Writing Rest

You’ve finished writing your book but you know it’s not perfect yet. You’re eager to jump back in have the story completed. However, it’s very important to let your writing rest for a few days before editing it. A change of mindset is needed before switching from writing to editing.

When you are writing, you are being creative and focusing on your ideas. When you’re editing, you need to focus on writing rules and grammar. The best thing you can do for your writing is to let it rest for three days and change your mindset before you start the editing process.

During those three days, accept the fact that you need to change your mindset and identify what mindset you need to change to. Then, start by making a list of different parts of the editing process and organize them from small tasks to larger. This way, when you are ready to start the editing process, you are prepared and ready to edit instead of write.

After you are done with the writing and editing of your book, then you can start to revise it. This step involves a combination of writing and editing but you still need to let your writing and your mind rest for a few days in between each step of the writing process.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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