Beta Readers

You can include Beta Readers while you are writing the book or after you have finished it. A powerful way to keep yourself accountable and working on your book is to have Beta Readers who read a little bit of the book at a time and can give feedback along the way. If you have already finished writing your book, Beta Readers can give you constructive criticism to incorporate into your revising process.

Beta Readers can be people you know personally, acquaintances, or complete strangers. There are pros and cons to each. If you choose to only allow people you know personally to read your book, you risk not getting honest feedback due to people not wanting to hurt your feelings. However, these same people know you better than anyone else and can give you direct feedback that incorporates your personality and life events.

If you choose to use acquaintances, make sure they are people you are comfortable taking feedback from. These people should be avid readers who are able to give constructive criticism so that you can use the information to revise your writing. Finally, you can start to build a community of readers if you use complete strangers as your Beta Readers. Incorporate people who actively read the genre that you’re writing in and have them give you feedback and reviews for your book. You can also do games with your readers and have them win a prize if they get 5 other people to buy your book.

Beta Readers can be very beneficial to your writing career. Pick the one you’re the most comfortable with and put the process into action.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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