Using Your Procrastination

How do you procrastinate? I turn on a TV series and binge watch episodes until I need to pee. I could be using this time to write but I tend to procrastinate without even realizing it. I make decisions based on my feelings, instead of disciplining myself and getting my writing done before turning on the TV.

Procrastinating is something we all do and it can take us away from things we need to get done. There are many tips on how to stop procrastinating, but the best way I have found to beat the urge to resist progress is to change the act that we choose to procrastinate with.

Watching TV will not get me any closer to writing my books. However, reading can make me a better writer and spark the desire to write in me again. Replacing the unhelpful habit with something that can make you want to write is a beneficial way to use your procrastination to help you write your book.

Some other ideas for replacement procrastinations are exercising, any form of creativity, daydreaming about your stories, telling someone about your stories, journaling, helping others write, etc.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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