When you don’t have someone else giving you a deadline, it can be difficult to stay motivated and continuously work on your book.

Gamification is a popular way for people to hold themselves accountable to their goals. If you have enough willpower to self-discipline and write every day in order to finish your book in the timeframe you want, that’s great!

However, that’s rare. Most people need an accountability partner, someone to hold them accountable to their promises. If you tell yourself you are going to write 1,000 words per day towards your manuscript, enlist someone to make sure you do it. 

It can be someone close to you that you don’t want to let down. They can ask you each week if you accomplished your task. It can be an acquaintance that you’re comfortable  getting constructive criticism from. They can meet with you once a week or email you their feedback. Or it could be from a complete stranger who actively reads books in the genre that you’re writing.

You can also incorporate all three types of people by creating a list of beta readers. You agree to give them a certain amount of pages or words in a specific time period (1,000 words per week, for example) and they agree to read and give feedback by the date of your choosing so you can use their responses to make your writing better.

Whichever way you choose to go, you need to be held accountable to finish your book. If you’re not serious about being accountable to finish your book, you’re not serious about your writing. Until you’re published, your writing is just a hobby. Make it your career. Get an accountability partner.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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