Track Your Progress

If you want to finish your book in a timely manner, make sure you meet your deadlines.

How many words are you writing per day? That will determine how long it will take you to get to where you want to be. For example, if your goal was to write a novel (about 90,000 words) and you wrote 1,000 words per week, it would take you 90 weeks or 22 months to finish your book. However, if you were to write $3,750 words per week it would only take you about six months to publish. That’s a big difference.

Words Per Week:Length of Time (estimated):
50044 Months (3 1/2 Years)
100022 Months (2 Years)
200011 Months (1 Year)
30008 Months
40006 Months
50005 Months
60004 Months
70003 Months
80002 Months

So, what is your goal? You need to know what your end game is before you start playing (or writing). If your goal is to publish your book by June 2021 then you have to make sure you know what it will take to make that deadline.

Deadlines are important because they give us a sense of urgency. Without urgency or deadlines, we just write when we have inspiration which comes and goes with no plan. If you are serious about being a paid published writer, then you need to write seriously.

The best way to do that is to track your progress. Set a daily goal and do whatever it takes to make it happen each day. Little by little, a little turns into a lot. Focus on one day at a time.

At the end of each week, check to make sure you are on track with your word count. Observe your actions and analyze your behavior. Know how well you did and where you need to put in more effort. Were you able to write at the same time every day? If not, why and what do you need to do to change that? If you didn’t meet your goal you need to know why so you can make the appropriate changes and do better the next week.

If you repeat this process each week, focusing on one day at a time, eventually you will have written a book. How long that takes is up to you and the amount of words you want to write per week.

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