Dare to be Different

Take a look at the best-selling books in the genres that you write. What makes them different? The answer to that question is the reason why it’s a best-seller.

Each best-seller’s list has different sales requirements. The Wall Street Journal requires 3,000-5,000 sales to be considered a best-seller. Amazon is only 1,100 copies in sales and the NY Times is 5,000-10,000. So how do you make that many people interested in your book? You make it stand out.

Maybe there’s no happy ending or maybe the phrasing is so alluring that you can picture everything that writer says and that gives you nightmares. Perhaps you remember it well because the story was in the form of a poem (it’s always easier to remember things that rhyme) or it could be that the story was so relatable that you felt the writer was a friend you’ve known for years.

Every author wants to see their book on the coveted best-seller’s list. If that’s you, then study the best-sellers. Know what makes them great. Then make something great yourself.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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