3 Steps To Squashing Your Inner Critic

Writers are notorious for criticizing our own work, which is a great tool to have when you’re editing. When we write, we need to have an open mind and let our ideas run wild. Criticism is the enemy of creativity, so here is a three-step process for squashing your inner critic.

Step 1: Stop Expecting Perfection

Perfectionism does not exist. I know you’ve heard that a hundred times, but it’s true. There are no perfect people and there is no perfect works on this Earth. You can edit something 5 times and still find something you want to change. We need to accept the fact that our writing works will never be perfect, but they can be ready to be published. It’s important to discover the difference between those two phases. After you have written, proofread, edited, received feedback, revised and did a final read of your work, you should be ready to publish. The writing process has no step for perfection, it does however have a step for being published.

Step 2: Believe You Are Worthy

Writers tend to think that they’re work isn’t worthy to be published. We have to fully believe in ourselves and our ability to write screenplays, books, articles and blogs that are worthy to be read. If you don’t believe you are a writer worthy of producing great work, then pretend to be someone who is. If you don’t believe your writing is worthy of being read, get feedback and revise it, then be proud of it. I want to read what you’ve written and so do other readers but we can’t if your inner critic is stopping you from publishing it.

Step 3: Practice Positive Affirmations

Positive Psychology is a tool that came with the new age which can help boost your self-esteem and kick out your inner critic until it’s time to edit. Saying something positive out loud about yourself as a writer and about your writing specifically can train your brain into believing it’s true. If you tell yourself that you’re an excellent writer and you practice, eventually it will become a reality. Positive thinking can help with your self-empowerment and your ability to squash your inner critic. Check out these positive affirmations for writers for more ideas!

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