Finish Your Book!

Why isn’t your book done?

Before you answer that question, your schedule is not an excuse. We prioritize what’s important to us in our 24 hour day. You can finish your book if you’re willing to rearrange your schedule to prioritize your writing. You can prioritize your writing if it’s important to you.

Fill in the attached daily schedule. Highlight what’s necessary. Cross out what’s not necessary. Now, find everywhere on your schedule that you have at least 1 hour of free time and fill it in with “Writing Session”. This is your new schedule until you finish your first draft.

If you want to get paid for writing then you have to write like it’s your job. Take it seriously. Be professional.

People have many reasons for wanting to write a book; tell a story, be an author, get paid, make a name for yourself, etc. Regardless of your reasoning is, in order to make it happen you have to finish your book. So, redo your schedule and go write it!

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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