Research First

Don’t stop writing to do research.

Getting all of your research out of the way before you start your writing session is essential to the flow of your book. Once you start writing, you don’t want to break up your concentration with doing something as tedious as researching a fact. You could get lost in Google forever and never find your way back to your book. The best way to ensure you keep your words flowing, is to outline first and then do all your research and then write your book.

I know what you’re thinking. What happens if you get to a point in your writing where you suddenly need to research something that you didn’t know you needed to research before? Place a reminder mark there and continue writing. Unless the book cannot continue without the information you suddenly need, continue writing and go back and do the necessary research later.

Outline First

Completing an outline for your book or project will help you know what you need to do research on. If you know a lot about a certain topic then you know you don’t need to do research about it. If it’s something you are not an expert on, then you know you need to take some time to research information on it.

Then Do Research

Start with Google when you are doing your research, that way you get a general idea of how many sources are available on the topic. Make sure to vet the source before using the information in your book. Check the URL of the website and make sure that the site is credible. If you can, find scholarly articles on your subject and/or books to ensure the information you use is fact-based. Gather all the information you can on your topic and organize it into your outline.

Write Your Book

Once you have your outline fully filled out with the information you already knew and the information you found during your research, then you are ready to start writing your book. You can schedule writing session times and keep your writing flow without having to stop.

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