What To Do When You’ve Destroyed the Universe and You Don’t Know How To Fix It

Plot is the most important part of the story. If you’ve gotten to the main confrontation piece of your novel, congrats! But, what are you gonna do now? city-1651993_1280 Sometimes we can get stuck on the problem and can’t figure out the best solution. That’s okay. So, what do you do when you’ve destroyed the universe and you don’t know how to fix it? Here’s some ideas:
  • Eat You may not be able to think of a solution to the problem because your neurons aren’t firing. Eat something to help your body keep going!
  • Read Distract your mind by delving into a different world through reading, or even a movie.
  • Sleep Take a nap! Give your brain a rest and see what comes to you. Dreams can be a good source of inspiration.
  • Play a game Active your creative brain cells by playing a board game or video game.
  • Ask a toddler Toddlers have a unique view of the world that most adults have lost. Get a new perspective on the problem and possible solutions from a kid in your life.
  • Create Something Engage your hands in an activity to distract your mind. Draw, paint or do a DIY project until something comes to you.
  • Go someplace new New sites make new memories which can give you great ideas for your story!
  • Smell a good candle Sense of smell is highly emotive and is linked to memory. Smell a good candle and see what memories and emotions flood to you and use them to help you finish your novel.
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