Start in Action

You hook your readers in the first three seconds of your book. Or you don’t.

The beginning of your story is what sets the tone for the whole book and the way your reader relates to it. If they’re bored in the beginning, they probably won’t bother to finish the book. To avoid that, your first sentence should throw the reader into the action of the story.

Starting with just telling the reader about the background information, like the character and the setting, is a sure-fire way to bore your readers. Instead, start by showing your reader the character in an action that reveals their characteristics and how they relate to the setting.

Start in action to keep your readers in action. The moment you start telling a story instead of showing the reader the character’s life, you will lose them. They will close the book and go do something else.

Start your story in action and continue to show the character in action throughout the book.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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