Save Your Submitted Works

I’d like to tell you about my experience with BuzzFeed.

At first, I loved the thought of having a well-known website that I could submit my own articles to and be able to share the link on my own platforms. I wrote 27 listicles on BuzzFeed covering a range of topics as I was testing out my ability to write about different subjects. It was also a good way for me to see which subjects did better than others based on the amount of views they received. Here are the following listicles that I wrote about:

  • 20 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Drake Songs
  • 6 Ways To Keep God In Your Daily Life
  • 6 Ways To Spoil Your Pup
  • 15 Helpful Apps For Writers
  • 5 Productivity Hacks For Everyday Life
  • 5 Helpful Qualities of CBD
  • 3 Reasons Delayed Gratification is Good
  • 10 Ways To Save Money Right Now
  • 5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday
  • 3 Simple Ways To Create A New Habit
  • 5 Ways To Grow Closer To God Through Prayer
  • 5 Ways To Meet New People
  • 5 Girls Night Ideas
  • 5 Ways To Stay Healthy
  • 5 Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About OCD
  • 5 Ways To Help A Friend With Depression
  • 10 Things Every Teenager Should Know
  • 10 Things To Do At Home
  • 5 Ways To Help Humanity During A Pandemic
  • 6 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster
  • 10 Things To Distract You From Heartache
  • 10 Must-Do Things in Autumn
  • Five Ways To Choose What To Read Next
  • 25 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit
  • 20 Ways To Get Ready for 2020
  • 5 Steps To A Stronger Prayer Life
  • 10 Places To Buy Books Online

The ones that performed the best were 10 Places To Buy Books Online, 6 Ways To Spoil Your Pup, 10 Things Every Teenager Should Know, 5 Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know about OCD, and 15 Helpful Apps For Writers. This information is helpful for me because it gave me a better idea on what I write better at and what topics gain the most traffic online. However, I made the mistake of not keeping copies of my articles after I posted them. One day, I went to log into my community BuzzFeed account to check that total views on my articles and the page couldn’t be found. I contacted support and was told that my account had been deleted for being too “spammy” and once an account was deleted, the account and all of the posts associated with it could not be recovered.

I was pissed.

However, after I had time to think about the situation, I realized what lessons and opportunities I now have due to this unfortunate event. The Lesson: Always save a copy of your written work no matter where you post it. Whether it be a free website, a WordPress blog, or a submission for a professional magazine or news outlet, make sure to save a copy of your writing. That link may not always be available.

I now have the opportunity to write new articles about the topics that produced the most traffic and submit them to magazine and news outlets that pay their writers.

I have 27 less links to show examples of my writing, but I have multiple new chances to write articles that may receive more traffic from places like Writer’s Digest, The New York Times and Cosmopolitan.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Back up your work and save a copy of everything you write, no matter where you publish it.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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