Everything Has Not Been Written

There is a well-known theory that everything has already been written. This can be discouraging to writers, especially if they are relatively new to the field. However, I have good news!

Everything has not been written.

Not everyone knows what you know. Everyone sees the world differently based on their experiences, personality, perception and their upbringing. The same story can be drastically different if told from a different perspective.

There are also stories that have never yet been put to paper. You have the power to create something new. You can make worlds appear, create heroes and re-write endings to stories that you wished had gone a different way. Be bold. Be creative. Be a writer.

Also, dare to be different. Genres are not fixed boxes that you have to fit into. Feel free to mix things up and create your own version of what it’s like to be an author.

Someone out there needs to hear your story. The stories that are locked inside your mind and trying to escape from your heart need to be read by other people.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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