Answering The Main Question

The beginning of your story should pose a question. The end of your story should answer it.

No matter what the question is, the reader will want to know the answer so you have to build up to it throughout your book. For example, if the main question is “What is the purpose of the main character having their special gift?” then the book should slowly reveal that information. Each chapter should give the reader clues as to what the answer to that question is.

A good book is determined by what you can take away from it, or what you can learn from it. Ask yourself as you’re writing, “What is the moral of this story?” and make sure you know the answer to it by the time you’re done writing. In order to ensure your book is cohesive and understandable, give it a purpose. Then, make sure to reveal that purpose little by little throughout the book so the reader comes to the same conclusion.

So, what’s your main question and how will you answer it?

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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