Time Is Valuable

Time is passing and you can’t get more.

Writer’s need time to outline, write and edit. If we waste time binge watching Netflix and then wonder why we’re not a published author yet, we only have ourselves to blame.

Our whole lives are ruled by time. However, we can take control of it and use it for our advantage. Writer’s can block out a specific time slot for writing and use it to succeed. So, why don’t we? Why do we procrastinate and use our valuable time on things that will never contribute to our dreams? And, how do we fix it?

We can’t make more time appear. We can’t go back in time to change our decisions. We can, however, make a plan to use time more wisely now and in the future. We can prepare everything we need for our writing sessions beforehand. Outlines, research, character development, etc. All of that can be done before the writing session begins. Then, make a writing session schedule.

We can get an accountability partner, or a Partner in Time! Designate someone to keep you in line with your writing schedule. If you are going to write for two hours every day at 8PM, make sure your Partner in Time knows and can remind you, encourage you and keep you accountable. If you don’t complete a writing session, your Partner in Time needs to know so they can remind you of your goals and what will happen if you don’t put in the time needed to complete them.

Time is precious, write it wisely.


Go write.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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