The 7 Day Writing Challenge

If you want to get paid for your writing, you have to write like it’s your job.

Growing your writing habit from a hobby to a job can be a challenge. Here is a 7-day writing challenge to help boost your devotion to your writing!

Day 1: Write a 500-word recollection of a memory that caused you to change your mind about something.

Day 2: Write a 1,000-word fictional short story.

Day 3: Write 1,500 words about your take on a historical event.

Day 4: Write a 2,000-word essay persuading the reader to agree with you.

Day 5: Write 2,000 words describing nature.

Day 6: Write a 2,000-word poem about writing.

Day 7: Write 1,500 words on your goals with specific details on how you will accomplish them.

You’ve written 10,000 words this week. Congrats!
Once you have completed the 7-day challenge, do it again with different prompts.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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