Writing Accomplishments

Are you an accomplished writer? Do you want to be?

How do you measure success in the writing world? Quantity? Quality? How about accomplishments?

Here are 5 accomplishments for writers of any level. Go out and be successful!

Create Personal Goals

If you are an author or just starting out in writing, you can accomplish your own personal goals. Challenge yourself by making a goal to meet that is one level up from your current ability as a writer. Then, once you meet that goal, make another one and accomplish that one too.

Win a Poetry/Short Story Contest

There are many poetry and short story contests for writers of all levels to compete in. Some are for publication only and some have monetary prizes. Visit Poetry Nation or Poets and Writers for numerous contests to compete in.

Publish an Article

Do you have a favorite magazine or newspaper you like to read? Chances are they accept submissions for articles and essays. For example, The New Yorker accepts submissions for fiction, poetry, cartoons and daily shouts. The New York Times accepts opinion essays for their newspaper and website. Find the website for your favorite publication and if they accept submissions, there will be a page dedicated to telling you how to submit it.

Publish a Book

If you choose to self-publish, there are many companies that will give you the opportunity to do so. The most well-known option is Amazon and they have a website specifically for helping you self-publish your book with them with step-by-step instructions here. If you choose to go with a publishing company, the first step is to choose which company to send your manuscript to. Here is a link to full reviews of 30 book publishers that work with new authors.

Get on the Best-Seller’s List

Once you have published a book, a great accomplishment is to see your book on the best-seller’s list. Believe it or not, there is more than one best-seller’s list, but the most common is in The New York Times. There are tons of tips for getting on this coveted list all over Google, but they all have one thing in common. The author always had a plan to make it onto that list. They had a well-structured, step-by-step schedule for doing everything it takes to achieve the honor.

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