Your 5 and 10 Year Plan

What do you want to accomplish within the next five years? How about ten?

Working towards a goal that you’re passionate about is what gives you purpose. That’s what makes you get up every morning and push through all of the obstacles.

Your Goals

What is your goal? Do you have more than one? When do you plan on accomplishing them?

Each goal should be broken down into individual tasks so they are easier to complete. Then you can choose a deadline for each task to make sure you stay on point.

For example: If your goal is to finish writing a book by the end this year, then your individual tasks could be brainstorming, research, outlining, draft, edit, re-write and look for publishers. You could give yourself a month for each task and you would be finished by December 2020.

Staying on Schedule

Once you have a plan in motion in order to meet your goal, make sure you stay on course. Life happens and it can mess up our schedules, but we need to be able to prioritize and re-schedule on the fly in order to make our dreams come true.

Want to be a best-selling author in five years? Want to have 10 books published by 2030? Then break down your goals into individual tasks and meet each deadline. Stick to your schedule and make sure your goals are a priority.


What motivates you to keep pursuing your long-term goal? Is it strong enough to keep you motivated every step of the way?

Sometimes you need instant gratification for your individual tasks, or short-term goals, in order to make it all the way to making your dreams come true. Making yourself a reward program that’s specific to your likings can help you stay motivated. This way, 5 years from now you will be able to say you met your goals.

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