Writer’s Pitch

If you’re a writer, you need to have a writer’s pitch. A way to quickly sell yourself as a writer and author to people you come in contact with.


When you meet someone new, in person or online, you only have between 1 to 3 minutes to make an impression on them. If you want to come off as a professional writer who’s work deserves to be read, you have to pitch it to them.

Here’s how.

Qualify Your Audience

In order to sell yourself as a writer properly, you have to know what kind of writing that person likes to read. If they like to read horror and you write non-fiction, no matter what you say about your non-fiction books, they won’t be interested. Asking open-ended questions to find out what kind of books someone likes to read is an easy and simple start. For example, ask a stranger “What’s your favorite book genre?” and see what they say.

Sell Yourself as a Writer

Once you know what the person likes, you can promote your writing that fits in that category to them. This way, you know they are already interested in the subject so they will most likely want to read your work. Remember to sell yourself in addition to your writing. You can talk up the story plot all day long, but don’t leave out your mindset and underlying purpose for writing that story as well.

Market Yourself as a Writer

In addition to your sales pitch, it’s also helpful to market yourself as a Writer. If you market your sales pitch, you can reach more people. Social Media and other websites are great tools for marketing yourself. Create a website, Facebook page, Google info, Twitter and Instagram account, etc. You want to make sure your readers can easily find you and links to buy your books online. While you are out, bring business cards or rack cards showcasing your books to hand out as well.

Follow Up

After you give your sales pitch to someone, follow up. If you recommend your book to someone, make sure to follow up with them and ask them what they thought about it. Personally reaching back out to them will help boost your sales because they will tell other people they know. While you are getting feedback from your follow ups, ask them to drop a review on Google, Amazon or your website as well. Reviews go a long way in boosting sales.

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