Followers and Sales

How many followers do you have on Instagram? Twitter? Your Facebook page? 
Does that number match up with your book sales? Blog readers? Article Views?

Followers Are Important


When people follow you on social media it means they want to keep up with you and your written works. This is important because you can keep your followers up to date on everything you post and publish. It helps keep you connected with your readers and you can use the social media platforms to communicate with them as well. Obtaining more followers is an ongoing process but it is an important process to go through.

Common Ways to Get Followers

Obtaining more followers takes time and skill. Use the following tips to get started and continue to grow your list of followers.
  • Use hashtags that contain keywords that people search for on your topic.
  • Post consistently. If you’re using Instagram, post twice a day. If you’re using Facebook post 5 times a day. If you’re using Twitter, post 10 times a day.
  • Post relatable content.
  • Create communication between you and your followers. Ask questions, use polls, and create contents or challenges to keep people engaged.
  • Use videos as much as possible. Most people will pay more attention to a video than anything else on social media.

Followers Don’t Mean Sales

Having a large number of followers on social media is great. It helps you stay connected with your audience and keeps them in-the-know when you publish a new piece of work. However, the number of followers that you have generally does not correctly correspond with your amount of sales or readers. Your goal is to get your followers to read your work, but that can be difficult. 

Where Our Reader Numbers Come From

If you are a published author, your commerce comes from the number of book sales. If you have published articles, your commerce comes from the number of readers. If you’re a blogger, your commerce from the number of views to your page. The following commerce contributes to your numbers, but it is not measured the same. You should always try to grow your number of followers so that it can help boost your number of sales, readers and views. Don’t get discouraged if your number of followers and amount of readers do not align. Both are important but they are not the same.

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