Be Indistractable

Being distracted is the number one reason for writer’s not getting any work done.

Here are the top three distractions to try to avoid and why. If you can be indistractable, you will be able to accomplish so much more!



Any smart device that you can get notifications through, turn them off. Smartphones, smart TVs and computers need to be avoided or muted for all notifications. If we see a notification come up, we will either click on it and then click on something else and end up scrolling through our newsfeed wasting time or trying not to wonder what the notification was about. Either way, we’re distracted and not thinking about our writing like we should be doing.


We justify the TV to ourselves by saying we just need some background noise to help us “focus”. I call bullshit. Our brains are not made to multi-task. If you have 5 targets and are trying to hit all of them, chances are you’ll hit none of them because you aren’t putting all of your focus onto one target to increase your chances of hitting it. Focus on your writing and stop overloading your brain.


They always want to ask you questions, tell you stories and distract you from your writing. Leave them alone. Lock yourself in a room with nothing but your chosen weapon of choice for writing. The human interaction you you should have at this moment is from the characters you’re creating.

Try cutting out these three major distractions for an entire week and see how much more writing you get done.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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