Creating Creative Space

In order to create something worthwhile, you need a creative space.

You have to create a creative space in order to create works of masterpiece. It’s simple, but powerful. Here’s how:

  • Pick a Space
  • Decorate
  • Make the Rules
  • Create!

The Space

You need a secluded space where you can’t be interrupted by anyone. It should be easily accessible to you though, and have a enough space for you to do you work successfully. If you like to exercise in between writing sessions, make sure you have enough room for you to do so. Having the perfect space to write is imperative to creating your written works.


What inspires you? Do you like to have your favorite books around you while you work? Then, decorate your space with bookshelves and include all your favorite works.

Whatever inspires you to write your best, make sure to have it in your creative space.


  1. No one is allowed to disturb you
  2. You are not allowed to leave until the session is up
  3. Make sure you have everything before the session begins
  4. Only write when you are in this space
  5. Be indistractable in this space


When you are in your creative space, create literary works that everyone will love to read. When you enter this space, focus only on writing until your writing session is over. Create! Create! Create!

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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