Write Now

You are ready to write. You are ready to be an author. You are ready to be published. Right now.

Your dreams don’t have an expiration date, but the clock is ticking. It always is. The time will pass whether you write or not, you might as well write now.

Start with 5 minutes of writing. Pick a topic to write about and set a timer for 5 minutes. Write, and if you feel like writing after the 5 minutes is up, don’t stop.

Our time here is finite, but having a published book makes your presence infinite. Be infinite. Be a writer. Be an author. You could die tomorrow and no one would ever know the stories you have to tell.

In one of Drake’s songs, he says “I’m ready now, why wait?”. Why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? Why not write now?

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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