Viral Content Writing

Let me guess, you have something to say and want everyone to read it, right?

Here’s how:

  • Research Your Readers
  • Choose a Title
  • Write Topic Sentence
  • Create Sub-Titles
  • Write Body Text
  • Edit

Let’s get started! 

Research Your Readers

If you are just starting out in your writing endeavor, begin by reviewing comments on blogs and books in your niche to find out what your readers want. You’ll want to hone in on a specific timeless topic or a tempting problem you can solve.

Before you start writing your post, you need to know who your readers are and what keywords they are searching for. Use a keyword tool to help with SEO and input the keywords into the text, headings and image alt text. Yoast is an excellent plugin for this if you’re using WordPress.


Write a short, direct and catchy title for your content. Use heading sizes and power words to make sure your readers know what the content will be about before they start reading. Make them want to read your content. The most popular types of titles are:

  • Top 10 List
  • How To
  • Secrets
  • Interview

You can use a headline analyzer as well to ensure you have the best title possible.

Topic Sentence

Use emotions and actions to capture your readers attention with the first sentence. If you don’t, they may not read on.

Brush up on your calls to action, sensory words, powerful facts, direct questions and cliff hangers. Be confrontational, unique, specific and show proof of your findings up front. 

The topic sentence of your content will determine whether not a person reads your content. Start with the hard facts about your topic, then include details and background information later.


Your keywords and key points will be your sub-titles which guide the reader through your content.

Make sure each sub-title starts with an action verb and directly correlates with the main title. Use heading text sizes and keep each sub-title similar in length so you don’t distract the readers.


There’s so much information available today that you have to format and write your content specifically for the busy scanner who’s multi-tasking while reading.

The body text of your viral content will vary depending on the topic, but here are the best ways to present the information:

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • Avoid passive tense and repetition
  • Use and highlight keywords
  • Use bullet points
  • Trigger reader’s emotions
  • Stick to the point
  • Add your perspective
  • Be firm, actionable and motivate readers
  • Use verbs and transition words
  • Avoid jargon and be clear
  • Address readers directly

Remember, you’re writing for busy and lazy scanners so give them what they want without having to work for it. 

When you come to the end of your content, make sure the reader knows exactly what they should do next without inserting any new information.


Your first step to editing focuses on making sure your writing stays on topic. Check for the following items when you start editing:

  • Cut out unnecessary words
  • Delete information that is off topic
  • Ensure every point is relevant
  • Check definitions of words
  • Only include links when necessary

Your second step of editing includes spelling, punctuation and clarification. If you do these edits now, you won’t have to revisit your content later to freshen up your search result stats.

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