Scheduled Inspirational

If writing is really your passion, you’ll make it a priority. You’ll be willing to change your daily routine to include writing exercises and your writing projects. I know that allĀ sounds good, but it can be hard to do. Most days will power isn’t enough to fight the writer’s block. We do our best writing when we get that wonderful burst of inspiration. However, they seem random and too far in between. Here’s something you may not know though: you can create inspiration whenever you want. Start by blocking out time every day to write. Make sure it’s a time of that that you know will actually work. Don’t schedule your writing session for 7AM if you know you like to sleep in. Once you have chosen your time frame, stick to it. Commit yourself to do nothing except writing for that time. No distractions. No excuses. Create a reward system program for yourself if you have to, but stay consistent. Now, let’s talk about how you are going to make sure you stay inspired during that time every day. This requires some soul searching. You have to find out what inspires you. What makes you happy? What makes you feel alive? What gets your blood pumping and your mind open? You need to stir up those creative juices if you’re going to be inspired enough to write even when you’re not in the mood. Below are some ways to help get you inspired before each writing session:
  • Exercise
  • Look at art
  • Read biographies of people you look up to
  • Associate with someone who inspires you
  • Read inspirational quotes
  • Listen to an inspirational podcast
  • Write a journal entry about what your ideal life would be like when you finish your book
  • Help someone
  • Speak the truth to yourself
  • Eat blackberries and other antioxidant foods
  • Explore a new city on Google Maps
  • Read quotes from your favorite book
  • Listen to up-lifting music
  • Watch inspiring YouTube videos
  • Read an excerpt from self-help book
  • Gather an inspirational group of people to talk to every day right before your writing session
Now, when you start writing, it’s important to hold onto that inspirational mindset the whole time. Below is a list of things to remind yourself of during your writing sessions:
  • Believe you are the best at writing.
  • Believe you are not afraid of the blank page or what people think.
  • Believe that you will finish your writing project.
  • Believe you are in your own world.
  • Write in 25 minute sessions.
If you’re not inspired, then pretend to be someone who is. If you don’t believe these things of yourself, then pretend to be someone who does. Then, write. Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert For more writing tips, visit now! Facebook: @AuthorDawnZauner Instagram: @DawnZauner Twitter: @DawnZauner