Reader Trends for 2020

Writers should always write what they’re passionate about, but if you want to make sure the most people read what you write, you should write the genre most people are reading.

The trends that have emerged in 2019, that foresee the top genres for this coming year, rely mainly on what the media will publicize to the masses. Society is currently craving diversity, fun and facts, which will be the topics that the media will share the most.

The most popular genre for 2020 will most-likely be young-adult fiction. And even though I personally think there is way too much crime fiction in the world, it seems to be one of the best-selling genres right now. Psychological suspense and various dark fictional stories will all probably be the best money-making genre this year.

For the year 2020, nonfiction is the second-most popular genre. However, political non-fiction is a declining topic. With all of the political controversy in the news, the public doesn’t seem to be jumping at opportunities to spend money to read more about it. Self-help books are at an all-time high, as well as history, sports and geography.

Children’s books are have declined the most, as many parents are looking for more interactive ways of entertainment for their kids. I believe that reading children books and buying books for kids to read themselves is a timeless form of entertainment, and physically interactive activities are a great addition.

If you are an established writer, I always suggest to stick with your strongest writing style. However, exploring other genres is very healthy for all writers, beginners to experts. Try writing different genres than you’re used to and you may find a new strength that falls within the trends of readers in 2020.

Happy Writing!

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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