Build Your Name as a Writer

Writing a book can be a long process. Writers tend to rewrite their work until it’s perfect enough to meet their standards, which don’t actually exist. Being a Writer is a blessing and a curse and it can take some time before we’re able to hold our published work in our hands.

Selling over a million copies of a best-selling book and having that blue check-mark by our Twitter handle are dreams for many writers. Until that happens though, writing can be a profitless job, which means most writers have a full-time job that pays the bills and tries to write in their spare time between having a social life, family, friends and responsibilities. But how is a Writer supposed to build a fan-base if they aren’t getting their name out of there for readers to see?

Having a blog is a free (or very affordable) way to gather future book-buyers. Make sure you are writing about your niche that your books will be about. Use SEO tools and marketing strategies to attract readers who are searching for your kind of content.

BuzzFeed allows you to post articles for free. Once you publish your article, you’ll be given a link to it which you can share with potential readers…and everyone else.

Not many magazines and newspapers publish freelance work anymore. They have paid writers on their staff. I know what you’re thinking, “Why don’t I just go for a paid writing position?!” If you can find one, great! However, most companies require published work as an example of your experience in order to qualify for the job.

How do you gain experience in something? You have to start somewhere. The easiest place to start is searching Google for freelance writing jobs. You can look for jobs in your area or ones that are virtual and don’t require you to be in an office. You may also find writing jobs on LinkedIn, just make sure you post any of your writing work on your profile first so the employers can see it easily.

There are also tons of freelance writing posting board websites like Writers.Work and Contena.Co where you can create a writing profile to showcase your work and use that to match yourself with freelance writing jobs.

Two other sites I use from time to time are and as they serve the same purpose, are less widely known. This means there are usually less job postings, but since not a lot of people know about these sites it also means there is less competition.

Wherever you decide to start, make sure to start soon. The faster you publish a piece of writing with your name on it, the sooner you can share it with potential readers and future buyers of your book.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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