Boost Your Vocab

Remember when you were in middle school and your English teacher would have you memorize new vocabulary words? I remember it very clearly because I never did it and always got in trouble for it. I can still remember Mrs. Goodman’s face and tone of voice when she found out my workbook was blank.

Back then I thought I was getting away with not having to do work and when you’re a teenager that’s a pretty good feeling. But now, as an adult and as a writer, I wish I could have that book back so I can boost my vocab skills and make my writing stand out.

So, I went searching for this vocabulary book and I couldn’t find it. However, there are plenty of other vocab books on amazon and while I was searching I found plenty of websites as well.

My personal favorite is because you can view popular words and their definitions used in your favorite literary works. Choose from a list of many genres and then practice the words on the website easily! is my next favorite as it’s simple to use and you can find new words that mean the same thing but fit better in your story or poem.

Of course, the more you read the more words you learn, so the best way to boost your vocabulary is to read more books! Then, use your new-found vocab list to write more books.

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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