Writing Prompts

A blank page can seem like an enemy you can’t overcome. It helps to start with small goals, like only writing for 10 minutes. However, even after you start a timer, it can be hard to start writing. Below are some writing prompts for fiction and non-fiction styles to kick-start your writing session today!


  • Magic is completely normal. I don’t know how in the world people go through life without it.
  • Time isn’t real, it’s a pigment of your imagination.
  • The world is dying, but I’m not.
  • To escape the constant buzzing of cell phones, one man moves his entire family underwater.
  • A Astronaut goes rogue and learns there really is life on mars.
  • A woman with a recurring nightmare finds herself going through it awake. Talk about Deja Vu.
  • Suddenly, everyone can read each other’s thoughts. How many relationships are destroyed and how many are built out of secret commonalities?
  • The most brilliant person to walk the earth is hiding in plain site.
  • You receive a package from your Father who passed away when you were a kid. What’s in the package and how do you find out what it means?
  • You suddenly can hear your newborn baby’s thoughts.


  • Think back to when you started a new job and write about how you slowly learned the rules and how things operate.
  • Write about your happiest moment and use descriptive details.
  • Write about how it’s hard to write.
  • Write about your first heartbreak and how you moved on.
  • Write about a milestone in your life.
  • Think back to a childhood memory and write from the perspective of you at that age.
  • Write about your relationship with God.
  • Write about your most recent text conversation and the thoughts that went through your head before you sent the messages.
  • Write about your exercise routine and what you said to yourself before, during and afterwards.
  • Think about your last purchase. Why did you make it and how did it help you?

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