The Struggles of a Book Lover in an Age of Information

Books give me the opportunity to explore different worlds and see things from other people’s perspective. I have lost count of how many books I have read, but I can tell you that I have tons of books on my shelves that I plan to read in 2019. I also have thousands of books on my wish list because you can never have enough books. When I buy a new book, I’m as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

If you’re not a bookworm like me, you’re probably wondering what I do with all these books. I read them, obviously, but I do so because I learn from them. If I’m reading a textbook for fun (yes, you read that right), I’m learning information. If I’m reading a self-help book, I’m learning a new habit. If I’m reading a fictional story, I’m learning wisdom from what the characters learn throughout their journey. I love to learn which is why I love to read. I like quiet and calm atmospheres and to let my mind do the wandering and adventuring for me.
We are living in the “Age of Information”, where you can learn anything you want in short amount of time. You can ask Google or Siri anything and they will find it for you in seconds. The internet and social media has trained us to be obsessed with instant gratification and there is enough information in the cyber world for us to make use of it. That may be a good thing sometimes but if you want to learn a new hobby or change a habit, you may need something with a little more substance.
The silver lining between the two is, of course, e-books. Everyone now-a-days has a Kindle, Nook or tablet to read virtual books on. Mine has been sitting on my dresser for months collecting dust. I can’t stare at a screen long enough to finish a book without getting a headache, even if they are only 100 pages or less…and I’m a millennial. I don’t want reading to be painful, plus I don’t want my mind to be in the habit that it is when I’m scrolling through social media only paying half attention to things I double click. I want to take my time and learn from it.
Also, I’ve looked at the stats for e-readers and they have been stagnant for years. I assume it will stay that way or even sink, and just like the Titanic, the love of books will go on..and yes, the book was better than the movie (they usually are).

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