How to Become a Writer

So you want to be a writer, huh?

What do you want to write? That’s the first step. You can’t go any further if you don’t know what you’re writing. Are you writing a book? An E-Guide? A blog post? An article? Every type of writing has a different structure to it, different genres or niches, and different target audiences.

Once you have decided what you’re going to write, now you can decide what you want to write about. If you’re writing a non-fiction book, are you going to teach someone how to do something? Or maybe you want to tell someone about an event? Or maybe you want to write about how you overcame a big hurdle in your life? Thanks to the Constitution, you can write about whatever you want, you just have to decide.

Where you write is just as important as what you write, because if you aren’t in the right environment then you won’t be able to write anything. Make sure you have a quiet, uninterrupted space to write. You need to be able to focus on getting your thoughts onto paper without getting side tracked by conversations or social media. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, trust me. Create a creative space for yourself to just write.

Timing is important as well. When do you want to be finished writing? How many days a week will you write? How many hours a day should you write? You have to plan it out ahead of time and stick to that schedule in order to accomplish your goal.

Finally, if you want to be a writer, write. Wanting to write isn’t enough, you have to act.

Go write something!

Dawn Zauner – Writing Expert
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